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Processing Real-Time Trading Data with Event Streaming

Wed, 26 April, 2:00 PM GMT+5:30 |

The world is moving at an unprecedented pace and much of it has been powered by innovations in software and systems. While event handling, messaging, and processing are not necessarily brand new concepts, the recent emergence in hardware such as virtualizations, multi-core processors, and so on, are in fact pushing the envelope in software design and Kubernetes native development, elevating it to higher levels of capabilities never seen before. In the case of streaming which very often leverages the underlying messaging mechanism(s) to bring distributed messaging to higher forms of purposes, such as financial/trading systems, IoT edge applications, and AI/ML data pipelines, the event streaming platform has indeed become the “glue” in enabling data to flow through disparate systems in the pipeline and in a very dynamic fashion. We will build a simple "trade matching engine" to simulate the buy and sell-side of exchange using Apache Pulsar pub/sub and Quarkus.

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About the speaker

Mary Grygleski

Java Champion & Senior Developer Advocate, DataStax

Mary is a Java Champion and a passionate Senior Developer Advocate at DataStax, a leading data management company that champions Open Source software and specializes in Big Data, DB-as-a-service, Streaming, and Cloud-Native systems. She spent 3.5 yea...

Daniel Oh

Senior Principal Developer Advocate, Redhat

Daniel Oh is a Senior Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat to evangelize developers for building Cloud-Native Microservices and Serverless Functions with Cloud-Native Runtimes(i.e. Quarkus, Spring Boot, Node.js) and OpenShift/Kubernetes. Daniel al...