Streaming Live to Developer Isodesks July-Dec 2020

12 Cohorts and 56300 developers later, GIDS will metamorphose into a virtual experience in 2020, GIDS Live 2020. As developers work remotely to solve new challenges and build a better future, sharing knowledge and staying connected is more important than ever. Join us July through December for the biggest developer gig on the Internets.

GIDS Live 2020 is a curated event jam packed with inspiration and stimulation for software professionals. We assemble the brightest minds in the industry to examine the changing role of software programmers, engineers, developers, managers and architects, explore crucial technologies and cutting-edge techniques, and provide essential professional training.

The 2020 digital series features 7 multi-stream conferences, 150+ international speakers, 250+ breakout sessions, 40+ lively workshops, spread out over six months.

Registration is open — secure your pass and join us at GIDS Live, July - Dec 2020.

GIDS.Java: Marching to a New Beat

Sep 03-04, 07-11 | India, Singapore & Australia

Come find your unique cadence. Java turned a teenager when yours truly debuted in 2008. If disorientation and discovery marked the growing years, the post-teen years have witnessed a new pragmatic cadence that signals increased productivity...

Virtual Workshop: Architecture: The Hard Parts

Sep 10 | India, Singapore & Australia

Software architects have no clean, easy decisions: everything is a terrible tradeoff. Architecture has lots of difficult problems, which this platform-agnostic deep dive workshop highlights by investigating what makes architecture so hard...

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GIDS.Web: Keep Pace with the Evolving Web

Oct 01-02, 05-09 | India, Singapore & Australia

GIDS.WEB is an online training event that will keep you at pace with the breakthrough evolution of the web, covering prolific frameworks and libraries (Angular, React, Vue), components, architecture, the decentralized web, refactoring, performance...

GIDS.Languages: Become a Well-rounded Programmer

Nov 05-06, 09-13 | India, Singapore & Australia

No need to stand on ceremony. The next generation of software developers overwhelmingly endorse programming languages that are fluent and vibrant, performant and efficient. GIDS.LANG Live is an online training event that will uncover some of the fascinating parts of Java...

GIDS.Lead: Refreshing Software Professional Development

Nov 17-20 | India, Singapore & Australia

Learn everything from writing professionally, to holding meaningful discussions, from pacing software to saving time to staving complexity; Process-related best practices, tips to improve the quality of your code, managing your manager, technology leadership...

GIDS.AI/ML&Data: AI/ML & Data Insights to Drive Business Results

Dec 03-04, 07-11 | India, Singapore & Australia

GIDS.AI&ML/Data Live is an online training event covering the latest in big data, fast data, stream processing, NoSQL, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, time series, sequential data, Natural Language Processing (NLP), chatbots, conversational UI, neural networks ...

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