Daniel Oh

< Senior Principal Developer Advocate, Redhat />

Daniel Oh

Daniel Oh is a Senior Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat to evangelize developers for building Cloud-Native Microservices and Serverless Functions with Cloud-Native Runtimes(i.e. Quarkus, Spring Boot, Node.js) and OpenShift/Kubernetes. Daniel also continues to contribute to various cloud open-source projects and ecosystems as a CNCF ambassador for accelerating DevOps adoption in enterprises. He's speaking at lots of technical seminars, workshops, and meetups to elaborate on new emerging technologies for enterprise developers, SREs, Platform Engineers, and DevOps teams.

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GIDS India 2023 Sessions by Daniel Oh

Thu, 27 April 23

From Zero to Hero in Kubernetes Native Java

Wed, 26 April 23

Event-driven Autoscaling for Serverless Java