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The Linked Data Revolution is Here, Are you Ready?

Fri, 28 April, 12:05 PM GMT+5:30 |

The web is arguably the single most impactful revolution in human history (to date). By agreeing on a simple set of standards, we have collectively unlocked all the world's information. Documents can be discovered, retrieved, published, and shared so easily we don't even think about it.

Data, on the other hand, is a different story. Our data remains stuck in the 1980s. Locked in silos, each with a different format, interface, and conventions that must be interpreted by a human, parsed, mapped, and converted. Data is at the heart of many problems we solve today, and we produce data exponentially faster than we can consume it.

Today I can request any document from any server on the web. I need to know nothing about the underlying technology the server uses, nothing about how the information is stored or retrieved, and consume it instantly. We've been evolving those same capabilities with data over the past 20 years and the standards, tools, and technologies are reaching critical mass. The linked data revolution is now one that you can no longer ignore. Join us to see what you've been missing.

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Michael Carducci

Software Architect

Michael Carducci is a hands-on software architect, consultant, entrepreneur, entertainer, and speaker with a reputation for doing the impossible. Currently, Michael spends his days as a hands-on software architect, helping invent the next generation ...