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Reusable Insights from Enterprise Deployments

Wed, 26 April, 4:30 PM GMT+5:30 |

There are a number of interesting and useful stories from enterprise Java and Javascript workloads - ranging from common memory tuning issues that affect the traffic efficiency, to extremely complex multi-thread race conditions leading to application crash, these exciting stories provide vital insights on the platform's interactions with common workloads. The session aims to bring insightful production anomalies, covering how the problem manifested, how we tracked those down, and what lessons were learned.

The outline of this talk is in this format: Problem symptom, business impact, diagnostic data, debugging experiments, root cause, the key learnings and best practices for these stories, each one representative of a symptom class:

  • Unexpected large memory retention[ Memory ]
  • Slow I/O due to libuv throttling [ low cpu / Performance ]
  • Libuv tight loop / high CPU with UDS unplugged [ high CPU ]
  • Child process data stream bifurcation [ Functional issue ]
  • Crash on exit (aka exit race) [ Crash ]

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About the speaker

Gireesh Punathil

Node.js Technical Steering Committee Member

Gireesh Punathil is a member of Node.js Technical Steering Committee, IBM Master inventor and an Architect in IBM Runtimes - that deals predominantly on Java and Node.js runtimes. In 20 years of his career, he has been porting, developing and debuggi...