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Understanding the Differences Between Modularity and Granularity

Wed, 26 April, 4:30 PM GMT+5:30 |

Many people think modularity and granularity are the same thing, but in fact they are very much different. Modularity is about the breaking apart of systems into smaller deployment units, whereas granularity is about the size of those separate deployment units. In this tech talk Mark describes the drivers for architectural modularity and shows various approaches for breaking apart systems. He then shows how to achieve the right level of granularity for those separate parts by introducing various disintegration drivers and integration drivers that you can use to not only justify service granularity, but also get it right.

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About the speaker

Mark Richards

Founder, DeveloperToArchitect.com

Mark Richards is an experienced, hands-on software architect involved in the architecture, design, and implementation of microservices architectures, service-oriented architectures, and distributed systems. He has been in the software industry since ...