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Connectivity Patterns for Cloud Native Applications

Thu, 27 April, 3:05 PM GMT+5:30 |

Because of compliance regulations, available services, or pricing, hybrid and multi-cloud are a reality in most organizations. Currently, there are several methods for connecting applications. Which should you think about for your cloud-native applications? Are APIs sufficient? How do you deal with security? This session will go over some common patterns for connecting applications across multiple clouds, as well as the trade-offs and benefits of doing so.

Participate in this session to learn more about:

  • Hybrid multi-cloud challenges
  • How do APIs connect applications?
  • The advantages of using Cloud Services
  • Using a service network to simplify service consumption
  • Using a store and forward mechanism to replicate data
  • Considerations for each pattern's application

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About the speaker

Hugo Guerrero

Developer Advocate, Redhat

Hugo Guerrero works as an APIs and Event-driven developer advocate at Red Hat. In this role, he helps the marketing team with a technical overview and supports creating, editing, and curating product content shared with the community through webinars...