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AWS Lambda and Serverless Framework Deep-dive

Thu, 27 April, 11:00 AM GMT+5:30 |

Modern applications are all built using Serverless Computing. Serverless is one of the top-paying cloud skills. In this talk, we will explore the AWS Serverless framework. Serverless architecture is a way to build and run applications and services without having to manage infrastructure. You’ll learn Serverless Computing from beginning to end. We will take a deep dive into best practices, core features, and advanced features including step functions.

Topics covered

  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS API Gateway
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • AWS Step Functions
  • AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model)
  • Serverless Framework design patterns
  • AWS Continuous Integration Tools like Git, CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline
  • Serverless Integrations Best Practices

Who will benefit from this session?

  • Developers and Architects to discover AWS Serverless Lambda and the Serverless Architecture
  • DevOps Professionals who want to understand CICD pipelines
  • Developers or Architects who want to design serverless applications using the best practices in serverless computing


  • Have access to an AWS Account, some familiarity to AWS
  • JavaScript knowledge

Target Audience

  • Architects
  • Technical Leads
  • Programers
  • Integration Architects
  • Solution Architects

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About the speaker

Rohit Bhardwaj

Senior Architect & Expert in Cloud-Native Solutions

Rohit Bhardwaj is a Senior Architect/Consultant working at Salesforce. He has extensive experience in architecting multi-tenant cloud-native solutions for enterprise customers. Rohit has proven ability in designing solutions and executing and deliver...