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Less Code, Faster Apps - Rediscovering SQL for Modern ORM Developers

Fri, 26 April

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) frameworks have surged in popularity among developers, streamlining their interactions with the database. But somewhere we lost our way and distorted that mindset into thinking that we do not need to know SQL at all! As Gavin King, the inventor of Hibernate cautioned: "You should be very comfortable with SQL before you start using Hibernate"

Given that modern developers have so many elements in the technology stack to master - Javascript,HTML,CSS,REST,Kubernetes,YAML,etc - it is understandable that they may have opted to sacrifice keeping their SQL skills up to speed. But developers that maintain and enhance their SQL proficiency, working in tandem with ORM frameworks ultimately create far more robust and successful applications.

 This session highlights some SQL techniques to solve common application patterns that may otherwise require a lot of complex coding, thus freeing up your time to focus on the delivery of great applications.

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About the speaker

Connor McDonald

Developer Advocate, Oracle

Ever being frustrated as a child by the single kilobyte of RAM in his ZX80 computer, Connor McDonald has loved the challenges that come with storing data, which ultimately led to a career in database technology. When Y2K did not end the world as people thought, he started presenting on his passions - SQL and Databases, and discovered that he loved helping and sharing his knowledge with the developer community. Since then he has spoken at over 150 conferences around the world. He spends the rest of his time helping developers on asktom.oracle.com, StackOverflow, Twitter, and via his blog and YouTube channel.