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TypeSafe Handling: Marrying Rust's Safety with TypeScript

Discover the power of blending two influential programming paradigms as we delve into enhancing TypeScript's error handling capabilities inspired by Rust. While TypeScript offers a robust upgrade over JavaScript, it still encounters the familiar pitfalls associated with JavaScript's error management. This session aims to bridge that gap by drawing lessons from Rust's error handling mechanisms.

The journey will unfold as follows:

  • TypeScript Troubles: A brief introspection into TypeScript's error handling challenges.
  • Rust to the Rescue: An overview of Rust's acclaimed error handling techniques.
  • The Best of Both Worlds: Crafting a TypeScript model rooted in Rust's philosophy to elevate error management.
  • Going the Extra Mile: Exploring advanced applications, including pattern matching and API fetching for an even more resilient TypeScript codebase.

By the session's close, attendees will walk away with a refreshed perspective on TypeScript, equipped with innovative strategies to bolster their error handling processes, all thanks to the potent blend of Rust's and TypeScript's features.

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About the speaker

Ryan Dsouza

Full Stack Engineer, Shell Recharge Solutions

Ryan Dsouza is a seasoned Full Stack Cloud Native Engineer, specializing in AWS deployments using Serverless and container tech. Demonstrating mastery in CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code, he's proficient in TypeScript, Node, React, and various AWS services. Ryan currently hones his skills at Shell Recharge, Amsterdam, focusing on Rust and GraphQL. His rich career includes roles at Prisma, Simform, OpenXcell, and Streebo Mobility. Committed to innovation, Ryan's is a valuable voice in the cloud engineering space.