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How I Used GitHub Projects to Move my House

Over the years we have learned and applied several software design principles. Many of these principles have been very useful and have served as guiding principles and, at times, as guard rails to develop better software. However, the principles do not work in isolation. They interplay with each other and sometimes even against each other. In this presentation we will look at the trade offs in applying well known design principles within the confines of the architectures that applications may be based on.

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About the speaker

Michelle Mannering

Developer Advocate, GitHub

Michelle “MishManners” Mannering, is a multi-talented personality in the tech and gaming communities. As a developer advocate, Mish shares her knowledge and experience through articles, presentations, and even Twitch streams. She has written articles on technical topics, and has spoken at conferences and events on the importance of collaboration, community building, and the future of work. She is also a respected leader in the hackathon community, having won, organised, and mentored at numerous events. Mish is a successful entrepreneur and founder, having co-founded several companies – including an artificial intelligence company.