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Grails, Micronaut, and Kafka, the Right Tools for the Job

Wed, 26 April, 3:35 PM GMT+5:30 |

When designing event-driven architectures, it's best to leave tool selection out of the picture so that you can focus on the best design for your system. But when it comes time to implement that design, we'll need to settle on the best tools for the job.

In this session, we'll cover three tools that I've found to be just right for specific areas of an integrated, event-driven system. Grails and Micronaut are two different but complementary application frameworks, and Apache Kafka is a robust, scalable, event-streaming platform.

We'll introduce each of these tools and learn about how they work and the role they play in an event-driven microservices architecture.

Finally, we'll put them to use in building a functioning system.

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About the speaker

Dave Klein

Senior Developer Advocate, Confluent

After 29 years as a developer, architect, project manager (recovered), author, trainer, conference organizer, and homeschooling dad, Dave Klein landed his dream job as a developer advocate at Confluent. Dave is marveling in and eager to help others e...